Updated 03/10/17

Thank you for your interest in Burrow Holiday Park.

Please find details of our new and pre owned holiday homes for sale on site.


Click on the model name of the unit you are interested in and you will be brought into a dedicated page for that mobile home. Site availability for new mobile homes is limited, but we do have an extensive range of units available for you to choose from. Please note all our New Mobile Homes are high spec units and come with double glazing and central heating as standard. 

Pre owned units are presented with a selection of photographs of both the unit itself and the site where it is located. We also provide a full description of the mobile home, details of its location on the Park and any site ancillaries such as decking or storage shed. Included is a full specification for the mobile home in terms of its size, number of bedrooms, etc. and where available a list of items that the seller is including in the sale. 

If you wish to have your details added to our waiting list or our sales database and receive up to date information on availability of units for sale on site you should  click HERE to register your interest with us. Please note, you can unsubscribe at any time

For further details or to arrange a viewing please call us on

053  9132190

087  2860826


Direct Access to Beach
Exclusively Private
Wide range of on site Activities and Entertainment
Family owned and operated for almost 40 years

New Mobile Homes for Sale

ModelYearBedroomsSite NumberPrice
Willerby Granda3 DG&CH2 € 57,950
BK Caprice3 DG&CH173€ 44,950Sold
Willerby Rio Gold3 DG&CH25€ 44,950Sold
Willerby Rio Gold3 DG&CH121€ 44,950
Willerby Mistral3 DG&CH81€ 39,950Sold

Pre-Owned Mobile Homes for Sale

ModelYearBedroomsSite NumberPrice
Regal Elegance20113 DG&CH50€ 33,950
Swift Family Retreat20123 DG&CH172€ 30,950Sold
ABI Narelle20103 DG&EPH179€ 29,500Sold
Swift Family Retreat20123 Std EPH24€ 27,950Sold
BK Carnival20103 DG52€ 25,950Sold
Willerby Rio20113 Std88€ 25,950Sold
BK Seville20083 DG&CH28€ 24,950Sold
Willerby Rio20113 Std11€ 24,950Sold
Carnaby Rosedale20083 DG&CH209€ 24,950Sold
Stellar Daybreak20092 DG&CH163€ 23,500Sold
Willerby Savoy20093 Std57€ 22,500Sold
Atlas Diamond20062 DG&CH214€ 16,000Sold
ABI Colorado20073 Std17 € 16,000Sold
Atlas Sahara20063223€ 15,950Sold
BK Bluebird20062 DG&CH7€ 15,000Sold
ABI Colorado20063 DG&CH95€ 15,000Sold
Willerby Westmoreland20063 Std EH153€ 14,000Sold
Atlas Moonstone20063 DG&CH140€ 13,990Sold
BK Savanagh20063 Std34€ 13,000Sold